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How do you fancy going on an Adventure? Here are 12 ways you can infuse some more thrills into your Life! 
1. Shift Perspective Adventure begins when we embrace a curious mindset, viewing everyday activities as opportunities for exploration and discovery. 
2. Explore the Unfamiliar: Break free from routine by venturing into uncharted territory. Try a new cuisine, explore a new town, or engage in hobbies you've never considered before. 
3. Outdoor Escapades: Go hiking, camping, or try Forest bathing! 
4. Solo Expeditions: Journeying alone can sound a bit scary but it’s actually fun and liberating. It encourages self-discovery, boosts self-reliance, and allows for spontaneous decision-making, leading to unique adventures. Try Exodus/Discovery/Friendship Travel or TUI. 
5. Learn a New Skill: Challenge yourself by picking up a fun new skill for the sake of it- playing a musical instrument, a new language with flashcards, or trying a new sport. 
6. Travel off the Beaten Path: Skip the tourist hotspots and explore lesser-known destinations. Engage with locals, savour authentic experiences, and create memories that last a lifetime. Try the Lonely Planet guide for great ideas. 
7. Adventurous Socialising Interacting with new people can be an adventure in itself. Attend meetups, workshops, or group activities that align with your interests. Meetup.com is good! 
8. Embrace Adrenaline Activities Rollercoasters, paragliding, lake swimming, or bungee jumping - thrilling activities push you out of your comfort zone, & give you a rush! 
9. Cultivate a "Yes" Mentality Start saying "yes" to opportunities that come your way, even if they seem intimidating at first. Stepping into the unknown often leads to remarkable experiences. 
Document Your Adventure: I love: http://www.theadventurechallenge.com 
10. Volunteer and Give Back Sign up as a volunteer even ad hoc. It introduces opens you up to new cultures, skills, perspectives, and connections, all while making a positive impact. Sign up for Christmas Volunteering now it is always very popular! 
11. Revisit Childhood Passions Find trees to climb, play hide and seek, paint, do Lego(s) or roller skating, tapping into your inner child can be remarkably adventurous. 
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