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Emotional Therapeutic Counselling & NLP

Emotional Therapeutic Counselling & NLP 

Online Emotional Therapeutic Counselling & NLP enables you to talk to a mental health professional in the comfort of your own home. As an online counsellor, counselling sessions are available online via conference video calls with me (working towards your desired outcomes) – with free Zoom video recordings available. 
Anxiety, stress and depression are common these days. They can keep you from enjoying even the simplest routines of daily life. Anxiety, stress and depression can also be outcomes of grief, loss, and work disruption. Levels of anxiety and stress are on the rise in our society and often your personal experience can be difficult to identify; sleepless nights, sweating, sometimes difficulty speaking can all be associated with anxiety and stress. 
It would be great to have someone listen to you, without judgement, so you can work through what’s happening. You want to feel good, re-engage with your own life, get some personal control back, be your own person, engage with others, have purpose, and live life fully. The therapy goes at your pace and the number of sessions will vary according to your needs but as soon as you feel you have achieved what we agreed then formal sessions will come to an end. 
We can help anyone with the following services: 
Depression Counselling 
Anxiety Counselling 
Anger Management 
Bereavement and Grief Counselling 
Relationship and Divorce Counselling 
Feel an Emptiness Inside? 
Not Feeling Good Enough 
Online counselling
Clients love Online once they try it! 
Clients feedback that online sessions were surprisingly just as personal feeling as face to face, with no travel time taken up and provide more flexibility to fit around your lifestyle or timezone. 
True Freedom
We are qualified professional counsellors and psychologists, trained to follow a contextual counselling and problem-solving process to listen, understand you, and help you find ways to feel better. 
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