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Whether you believe the science behind blue Monday or not, there’s no denying that this point in January can leave you feeling a bit, well, blue. 
The sun is still gone by the time we log off work, it's cold and raining a lot of the time, and the magic of Christmas already feels like a thing of the past (although our bank accounts don't always seem to reflect that). Alone, a rainy day might not be enough to bring you down, but when lots of these factors feel true over a prolonged period of time, it can leave you feeling low, anxious and sometimes depressed. 
Like many things, these feelings are best stopped in their tracks before they can manifest into something more serious. 
So, if you’re feeling blue today (or any day) pick one of the activities below that you like the sound of and give it a go! It might be just the boost you need to get yourself back on track... 
Wear something bright, colourful or something that just makes you feel great 
Invite someone to a walking meeting rather than talking in the office 
Take 5 minutes out of your day to practise deep breathing 
Find a free yoga tutorial on YouTube and give it a go 
Text a friend to invite them over for a coffee and a catch up after work 
Start a new book - one that's been on your list forever to read! 
Tick a job off of your to do list 
Turn the radio on or listen to some of your favourite music 
Schedule a call with a family member or friend to check in 
Plan and prepare your favourite meal for dinner tonight 
Go for a walk around the block or the park on your lunch break 
Treat yourself to a fancy coffee 
Enjoy a hot, relaxing bubble bath when you get home from the office 
Watch your favourite movie or TV series while snuggled under a blanket 
Get out the house - even if it’s just to pop to the shop for milk or a bar of chocolate 
Read a self care book 
Get an early night 
Sign up to an exercise class or workshop 
Listen to a feel good podcast - I quite enjoy Fearne Cotton’s ‘Happy Place’ when I need a boost 
Decorate your office with a bunch of flowers - even a £1 pack of daffodils can brighten your day no end 
Share a smile with someone who might be feeling the same way you are 
Spend some time with your pet 
Watch a funny video or comedy show to get you laughing 
Give an old hobby another go 
Go out and do something after work rather than going straight home and putting your pyjamas on 
Plan out a task or something thats feeling a bit overwhelming at the moment 
Book a holiday or something really exciting to look forwards to 
All of these activities should give you that little serotonin boost you need to start feeling yourself again. If you’d like some support or further help though please reach out to one of our counsellors. We’re here to help. 
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