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Anxiety Counselling & Therapy

PTSD & Anxiety Counselling & Therapy 

There are various types of anxiety including 
Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD): a chronic disorder involving excessive, long-lasting anxiety and worries about nonspecific life events, objects, and situations. Often clients don’t know why they feel anxious. 
Panic disorder: Brief or sudden attacks of intense terror and apprehension characterize a panic disorder. 
Social Anxiety: This is a fear of negative judgment from others in social situations or of public embarrassment. It includes a range of feelings, such as stage fright, a fear of intimacy, and anxiety around humiliation and rejection. This disorder can cause people to avoid public situations and human contact to the point that everyday living is rendered extremely difficult. 
Emotional Therapeutic Counselling & NLP
How we can help? 
Therapeutic Counselling will help you to get to the root of why you feel anxious, what really triggers your anxiety and helps you overcome it both physically and emotionally once and for good. 
If appropriate you can also learn how to handle conflict constructively and calmly and feel ok and safe if someone is expressing it to you too. There are physical aspects to anxiety and emotional ones and both will be tackled so that you can quickly get back control and manage it whilst we get to the deeper issues behind your anxiety. 
Using expertise, tools, experience and insight as professional qualified Counsellors drawn from over 10 years of success with clients we know the right questions to ask you, really listen and learn all about you and your life and then we use our particular special tools, approaches and techniques best tailored to your situation and personality to help you draw out the answers and understand what has happened to you and why you feel and behave the way you do now. 
Then we identify what is getting in the way of your happiness and help you to safely release those painful feelings and get rid of those limiting beliefs which are colouring your perception of yourself, others and the world around so that you can move forwards, feeling happy inside, know who you are, feel calm, confident, in control and have the life you really want. 
How we will deliver these results for you 
Weekly 50-minutes high-quality online video calls with you (working towards your desired outcomes). 
Sessions are structured and include detailed history taking. 
Using an integrative approach with interactive, creative, talking therapies We are able to draw on a range of techniques and approaches tailored to suit your personality and needs. 
The option of homework to continue progressing in between sessions. 
Identifying and releasing emotional wounds frozen in time currently in your subconscious mind. 
Various types of journaling, 
Drawing tools and writing tools 
Your Timeline 
Emotional Inventories 
Physical techniques and tools 
Anchoring new beliefs and overcoming habits (NLP) and other exercises. 
And many more 
All explained clearly and sent direct to you via email. 
Online anxiety counselling
You will be encouraged to take ownership in the process so in time when you feel ready to go it on your own again you will no longer need the Therapist or any other Counsellor again. 
Clients have fed back that online sessions were surprisingly just as personal a feeling as face to face, with no travel costs or time is taken up and can fit around your busy lifestyle or time zone with more appointment flexibility at short notice. The therapy goes at your pace and the number of sessions will vary according to your needs but as soon as you feel you have achieved what we agreed then formal sessions will come to an end and maintenance sessions are available on an ad hoc basis if clients wish whilst they are starting their new lives. 
A dread I have is that clients might think I would keep them attending longer than they need but I take pride in saying I have never done this my whole career and often I am the first to say – ‘Do you know I feel you are ready to do this on your own now. I think you are ready." Honesty, integrity and trust are my top three personal values. - Sarah Cunliffe 
Can you Trust us? 
By choosing a fully qualified BACP* Registered Member and National Counselling Society Accredited Counsellor recognised by the NHS you get the following as standard: 
30 Counsellor hours of mandatory continuing professional development each year. 
The Latest informed approaches in Counselling/NLP 
Your Counsellor reports in to and is monitored by a Supervisor to ensure the Counsellor is fit to practice and in adherence with the Code of Ethics of the Training body of your Counsellor. 
Compliance with the Data Protection Act 1974 and GDPR. Password protected online meetings and secure data storage. 
Full Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance 
A clear understanding of the professional boundaries and sanctity of the Therapeutic Relationship only exists within the counselling session and safeguards the client. 
*(British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists) 
Online Anxiety Therapy
Online Anxiety Therapy 
If you would like to book an initial consultation to discuss your situation, what you want to achieve and learn about how Therapeutic Counselling can specifically help. We look forward to seeing how we might help you. 

Case Study: Rachel (Name Changed) 

Rachel a pragmatic, cheery, intelligent physical therapist came to see when she realised she could no longer cope with the physical and emotional impacts of anxiety that she had been suffering with in recent months. We identified that she had had been betrayed and let down by a close friend and this had in turn triggered the earlier trauma of loss, tragedy and emotional abandonment experienced earlier in her life. 
With a combination of tools, techniques, talking, breathing exercises and practical immediate steps to take to counter and reset her brain’s early warning system for fight or flight mode she was able to not only get back in control and feel like herself again, she learned to constructively assert herself. Together we were able to eradicate her limiting beliefs, restored healthy sleep patterns, helped her heal her feelings of abandonment, express her anger, get her self-esteem back on track and restored her smile! 
Afterwards Rachel shared she was much more relaxed, not worried about anything, confronted her friend who apologised and established new boundaries but saved their friendship. She also laid her traumatic past to rest and felt more at peace. 
I arrived at Sarah’s door in a bit of a mess… huge anxiety, loss of self esteem and unfinished business with a lot of the loss in my life. Quickly, with a fantastic history taking session and adept questioning, she seemed to be aware of what the problem was. Sarah has a wonderfully incisive style and made progress with me very quickly. Her recommendations for exercises and improving my sleep worked very quickly and effectively and the homework she gave me moved me on so much faster than if we had been just talking every week. She is a hugely likeable person that has a genuine interest in facilitating improvement in her client’s lives. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone... she has worked wonders with me and imparted skills on me that are lifelong gems. 
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