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Posts from May 2022

Whether you’re counting down the days until the long weekend or you are dreading another long enforced break from working as you are unsure what you are going to fill it doing, bank holidays are an essential break for many in the UK. 
The Book Chained to the Desk by Bryan E. Robinson describes workaholism as the ‘best-dressed and least-recognized addiction’. The bank holidays can at times feel like a disruption in our weekday routine and workplace rhythm, but they are so important for our mental health. And here’s why… 
There’s a common misconception, that in order to be in a codependent relationship, you need to be romantically involved with the person who’s manipulating you. But the truth is, codependent relationships can take many different forms. Any relationship can be manipulated by narcissistic desire and caretakers who feel the need to protect them. 
Even in the corporate world these relationships are everywhere. And, if the codependent personality is being guided by a nurturing leader, they can be an absolute asset to your business. But, if this person is a narcissist, it can have a detrimental impact on; 
Your staff turnover 
Stress levels in the workplace 
And cases of burnout 
When I was working in offices, creating a culture that cares seemed far less complicated than it does now. Checking in on people and asking how their evening was as they came into the office, impromptu chats around the water cooler and picking up on those little signs in behaviour when people were having off days. 
But now that people are working here, there and everywhere and most catch ups being held over Zoom, it can feel like these little moments that connect us and create opportunities for maintaining that caring culture are few and far between. 
Arranging a virtual coffee over Zoom just doesn’t seem to have the same open and spontaneous feel to it. 
So, is there a way to maintain a caring culture in your organisation where most people are hybrid or remote working? 
Becky* has been with her current employer for 11 years now. She’s worked her way up in the company and now manages a small team in a large firm. 
She’s the first to offer help when it’s needed, first to take on those horrible tasks that have been put off for a while because no one wants to do them, and first to jump in and cover when someone's sick. 
But behind closed doors, Becky is totally overwhelmed with her current situation. 
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