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Posts from July 2022

For many of us, it's felt like a long time coming… 
A whole week of no emails or calls from clients, no urgent jobs that need to be completed yesterday and no more gazing at the sun from your office window. Imagine! Just the warm sun, a cool pool and an all you can eat breakfast buffet. 
As August rapidly approaches, the prospect of a holiday abroad is finally becoming a reality for many. 
But, after a turbulent few years, the unwelcome anxiety induced by thoughts of returning to work can have a habit of putting a damper on your last few days of holiday. 
So how can we stop this from happening so you can enjoy every last second of your time away? 
Does it feel like you’re spending the majority of your time at work or home under the bus? 
Like, no matter how hard you try you’re being set up to fail and that none of your achievements will ever be good enough? 
Being scapegoated in either a workplace or family situation is never a good feeling. It can feel like you’re being blamed for everything that goes wrong or that your successes and achievements don't mean anything. 
Feel like you're running on empty throughout the work week? 
Workplace burnout is the physical and emotional exhaustion felt by a lot of employees from prolonged stress and pressure within the workplace. 
Cases still seem to be on the up, but is the UK’s new 4 day work week a realistic solution to workplace burnout? Or could it actually make things worse? 
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