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Posts from August 2022

We’ve all heard the age old adage; “if you go looking for something you don't want to find, chances are you’ll find it”. 
It’s true, if you go looking for red flags and deal breakers in a new relationship, you’re almost guaranteed to find one. But, when we’ve been hurt by relationships in the past, it’s difficult to not be extra cautious and/or vigilant when taking that brave step back into the dating game. It's especially hard if the last one ended because of a red flag that went overlooked for longer than it maybe should have. 
So, is it possible to be vigilant without making it your personal mission to hunt out these red flags? 
Well, yes! And here’s how… 
Taking that leap back onto the dating scene after a breakup or divorce is a courageous step. 
It’s taken a lot of time to rediscover yourself again and get yourself back to a place where you feel confident. But this often means there’s a sense of apprehension that comes with opening yourself up again to the dating game. 
So, what steps can you take as you reenter the dating game to protect yourself and your sense of self? 
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