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True Freedom

Emotional Therapeutic Counselling & NLP 

Relationship gone wrong? Suffering with depression? Experiencing anxiety all the time? Persistently unhappy? Anger management issues? Coping with bereavement? Low self esteem? Confused? Ill health? Eating disorder? Family problems? Experiencing abuse? Can’t cope? 

Emotional Therapeutic Counselling & NLP can help. 

After having Emotional Therapeutic Counselling & NLP with me, you will: 
Feel Happy, Calm and In Control 
Enjoy Your Life to the Full 
Attract Quality Friendships and Enjoy Socialising 
Be Clear on What You Want and Which Direction You Want Your Life To Go 
Find ‘Real Authentic You’ and Feel Freer and More Joyful 
Discover Your Meaning and Purpose In Life 
Enjoy Living in your Skin 
Embrace and Enjoy ‘Alone Time’ 
Feel Greater Contentment and Desire in your Relationship 
Attract Your Solemate 
Smile More and Feel Refreshed and Healthier. 
Have The Confidence To Achieve Your Life Dreams. 
Recover Yourself and Your Life Following a Loss 
Restore Your Emotional Health if you are an Adult who was Sexually Abused as a Child. 
Sarah - True Freedom

Meet Sarah 

How I will deliver these results for you 
Weekly 1-hour high quality online video calls with me (working towards your desired outcomes) Free Zoom video recording available. 
Emotional Therapeutic Counselling & NLP sessions are structured and include detailed history taking. 
Using an interactive, creative, talking therapy called Emotional Therapeutic Counselling & NLP. 
Visualisation to identifying & release emotions frozen in your subconcious mind. 
Drawing tools and writing tools 
Your Timeline/Family Rule Book 
Identifying out of date Survival Techniques 
Techniques & tools to manage and ultimately eradicate anxiety issues 
Analysis of your behaviours & reactions to triggers 
Physical techniques and tools 
Anchoring new beliefs and overcoming negative habits (NLP) and other exercises. 
And many more…. 
Emotional Therapeutic Counselling & NLP 
Have the Results You Came for – I offer successful online emotion-focused, therapy sessions. After all I appreciate time is precious and you don’t want to waste a minute longer feeling like this. 
Emotional Therapeutic Counselling & NLP
You will be encouraged to take ownership in the process so you feel back in control. 
The therapy goes at your pace and the number of sessions will vary according to your needs but as soon as you feel you have achieved what we agreed then formal sessions will come to an end. 
If you feel you might benefit from Emotional Therapeutic Counselling & NLP and want to know more about it, feel free to email me on the address below to arrange a confidential chat. 
Emotional Therapeutic Counselling & NLP
True Freedom
It is important for you to find a therapist you feel comfortable with and I offer an initial consultation (20-30 minutes) so we can meet in person and you can ask any questions you may have to help you make the right choice for you. Therapy sessions generally last 50 minutes. 
Please contact me via the contact form if you would like to book an initial consultation or by sending me an email to info@yourtruefreedom.co.uk 
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