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Wholeness - True Freedom

What is this and why is this important for you 

Wholeness means being balanced mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and socially. 
Mental wellbeing is what maintains positive mental health . 
Emotional wellbeing contributes to healthy self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence, and good emotional intelligence. 
Physical Wellbeing relates to a healthy balanced functioning body including what we eat, our sleep, low stress levels, exercise, hydration, energy levels, endurance, physical self care. 
Spiritual wellbeing is the ability to experience meaning and purpose in life through a connection to one’s higher wisdom or a power greater than oneself. 
Social wellbeing is social belonging and connecting with others through relationships. 
A Whole Person is more resilient and able to: 
1. see themselves truthfully and know their limitations as well as their personal strengths. 
2. move toward improving those limitations in order to live a life of integrity and exploit those personal strengths whilst avoiding striving for perfection. 
3. find balance and comfort even with discomfort in life and feel less overwhelmed or swept up by it but see it from a more objective broader perspective and self care. 
Living a Whole life involves a lifestyle that is balanced across your Work, Family, Contribution, Hobby, Leisure, Personal Growth, Friends, Romantic Relationship & Alone Time. 
As part of this life changing process we will review your life and work with you to restore or introduce that balance. 
Online counselling

How we can help 

Therapeutic Counselling will help you to get to the root of these sometimes painful and/or confusing feelings and beliefs and why you feel and do what you do, it will help you make sense of what has happened to you and also help you safely release any painful feelings and often out of date or misinformed limiting beliefs safely once and for all. An advantage of Therapeutic Counselling is that once the work is done you will no longer need to have counselling again. 
Using expertise, tools, experience and insight as a professional qualified Counsellor drawn from over 10 years of success with clients we know the right questions to ask you, really listen and learn all about you and your life and then we use special tools and techniques best tailored to your situation and personality to help you draw out the answers and understand what has happened to you and why you feel and behave the way you do now. 
Then we identify what is getting in the way of your happiness and help you to safely release those painful feelings and get rid of those limiting beliefs which are colouring your perception of yourself, others and the world around so that you can move forwards, feeling happy inside, know who you are, feel calm, confident, in control and have the life you really want. 
How we will deliver these results for you 
Weekly 50-minutes high-quality online video calls with you (working towards your desired outcomes). 
Sessions are structured and include detailed history taking. 
Using an integrative approach with interactive, creative, talking therapies We are able to draw on a range of techniques and approaches tailored to suit your personality and needs. 
Techniques and creative tools to both recognise and release painful feelings Identifying and releasing emotional wounds frozen in time currently in your subconscious mind. 
Various types of journaling, 
Drawing tools and writing tools 
Your Timeline 
Emotional Inventories 
Physical techniques and tools 
Anchoring new beliefs and overcoming habits (NLP) and other exercises. 
And many more 
All explained clearly and sent direct to you via email. 

Can you Trust us? 

By choosing a fully qualified BACP* Registered Member and National Counselling Society Accredited Counsellor recognised by the NHS you get the following as standard: 
30 Counsellor hours of mandatory continuing professional development each year. 
The Latest informed approaches in Counselling/NLP 
Your Counsellor reports in to and is monitored by a Supervisor to ensure the Counsellor is fit to practice and in adherence with the Code of Ethics of the Training body of your Counsellor. 
Compliance with the Data Protection Act 1974 and GDPR. Password protected online meetings and secure data storage. 
Full Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance 
A clear understanding of the professional boundaries and sanctity of the Therapeutic Relationship only exists within the counselling session and safeguards the client. 
*(British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists) 
Online counselling and NLP

Book Your Initial Consultation 

If you would like to book an initial consultation to discuss your situation, what you want to achieve and learn about how Therapeutic Counselling can specifically help. We look forward to seeing how we might help you. 
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