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Posts from May 2023

"Families and How to Survive Them" by John Cleese British comedian & Robin Skynner, a family therapist? It’s and Oldie but a Goldie! 
Lack time and want to achieve more with less effort? Have you heard of "Life Leverage" by Rob Moore I recommend it. 
It’s a about leveraging your time, money, and energy to achieve your goals and living our dream. 
It teaches you how to "Leverage Your Time, your Money, and your Energy” 
It’s a myth that clinical depression is something you must live with for the rest of your life. 
Over the last 12 years I have seen over 2000 clients and those with depression have recovered completely. It’s not that I am magic it’s that the life changing process I use based on my training that really works. Depression is an illness and often caused by suppressed frozen traumatic feelings in our subconscious mind that colour and inform our feelings and beliefs. In my sessions these are gently removed and released to free clients from their depression once and for all. I have always done my homework over the years in researching, adding to my learning about the body and mind and I really understand the emotional mechanics of clinical depression and regularly collapse it successfully. Yes, you don’t need to suffer any longer than you need. 
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