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Emotional Therapeutic Counselling & NLP


I need help quick. It sounds like it’s going to take quite a few months how will I manage meanwhile? 
Immediate relief: Taking the first step in talking out loud about how you feel will help you feel more in control and will release some of the emotional pressure you will be carrying. 
We will provide short term management techniques to help you in the meantime. 
Think about how long you have been feeling this way – week’s, month’s, years? Within months you will have finished counselling completely and will feel happy, in control, calm, at peace, with a higher self-esteem and all the things we have already laid out for you. 
Your sessions will be tailored to your most immediate needs and will combine techniques to deal with burning symptoms like anxiety attacks/ breathlessness or stress as well as the actual deeper issues and core emotions as well. No client or session are the same but the tools and experience we draw on are extensive. 
Every client is different so the therapy goes at your pace and the number of sessions will vary according to your needs. Average stats tell us that clients see us typically for 15 sessions. 

Is Online Counselling as effective and feel as personal as face to face counselling? 

Why clients love Online once they try it! 
Convenience and more flexibility to fit around client’s changing schedules 
No service disruption even if client is ill or we are in a pandemic. 
No time-wasting travelling to the clinic. 
Sessions being available online when we haven’t been able to make it to the Clinic. 
I've been pleasantly surprised by how easy it’s been to keep a connection/keep it feeling personal. 
Online Booking Diary & Payment facility 
Emotional Therapeutic Counselling & NLP

pandoras box? 

Afraid it will open a Pandora’s box and I might not be able to cope/will fall apart/lose control or will feel worse if I bring up my feelings and express how I feel. 
Contrary to your fears, when you speak about how you feel you will feel more in control, clearer and release any suppressed painful feelings once and for all. 
Safe hands of a highly trained and very experienced accountable therapist 
Well-tried and tested successful process. 
Yes, part of counselling will require you to identify how you feel consciously and unconsciously and release those feelings but you will still feel in control and in the driving seat. The release part is when clients really start to recover and feel brighter and lighter and they know the counselling is really working. 


What if I find it hard to talk about my feelings? 
That’s ok, it’s a common problem. 
In many cases clients have never had the chance to before or due to trauma they may be disassociated from their feelings – the good news is that a key asset of Therapeutic Counselling is the range of techniques and creative tools that can be used to assist you to both recognise and release painful feelings in an appropriate manner, by working with your emotions rather than your mind. 

can you really do this? 

Are you experienced/strong enough to support me? 
YES! Although you are unique, these conditions you are suffering with are not and we have successfully treated over 1000 people in the last 10 years. 
Case studies – see some of our case studies. 
High-Quality Training and Accreditations with the National Counselling Society & British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. Therapeutic Counsellors are trained to a very high standard and subscribe to a Code of Conduct which provides commitment to ongoing training and supervision. 
Online anger management
I am concerned that my Counsellor may invest in me too personally. 
We have a very clear understanding of the professional boundaries and sanctity of the Therapeutic Relationship which only exists within the counselling session and safeguards the client and the Counsellor. This is our job, however for you this is your life. We are very lucky that in our job we get to see clients’ change their lives for the better but we know when its time for me to step out of their lives again – the moment they don’t need us anymore – then I know I have done my job right. 
Emotional Therapeutic Counselling & NLP


Why should I invest in True Freedom over other counsellors? 
Working with you we'll get you the ‘Results’ you want and we don’t hang around. Clients tell us they feel they are making progress from session 4.  
A comprehensive package of support, information, education and care including 1x 30 minutes free of charge emergency call available within 48 hours of request between 8am – 5pm Monday – Thursday as well as your regular sessions. 
Free Books, journal and other tools as appropriate for you. Video recordings of sessions available for later playback. Sessions are paid weekly so you are not tied in and you can cancel an appt without a fee with 48 hours notice. 
Counselling is an investment in yourself and it's a commitment too but it's important that in the same way you see a qualified Doctor or Specialist you see a Counsellor who is well trained, skilled, a quality therapist, up to date with the latest findings. 
Often clients will save up or have Counselling in place of taking a holiday abroad that year, or they draw on their health insurance, life insurance, expense it through their business. The results are life changing and make you feel so much better you don't need the holiday :0) 
Clients can book with me direct through the website or through Harley Online therapy platform depending on where they find me. Only one payment is taken at a time. 


Why do you have a Cancellation policy? 
Sessions are paid weekly so you are not tied in and you can cancel an appt without a fee with 48 hours notice. 
After 48 hours notice then you will be charged – no matter what the reason unless we are able to find you an alternative slot in the same week. 
This is because often as therapists, we have found clients have much higher levels of disruption to their calendars and as we are heavily booked and with a waiting list we must not allow spaces to be wasted that others could be using, so this 48 hours gives my Personal Assistant a chance to contact those waiting for initial consultations or adhoc emergency calls. 
Emotional Therapeutic Counselling & NLP
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