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Feeling fatigued, stressed, failing and run down?- –9 Tips To Get your Mojo Back! 
1. Drink 2000ml of water/sugar-free squash a day - Use an hourly water reminder on your computer screen or log it on your notepad. Reduce caffeine to mornings. 
2. Eat a minimum of 5 fruit/veg portions (80g) a day, reduce carbs & boost vitamins 
We should be eating 12 Fruit/Vegetables a Day. Tinned in water/juice, frozen & fresh all count. I recommend you switch to low-carbohydrate foods. Also make sure you take extra vitamins for Vitamin B12, Magensium, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin D and if you are a woman then also Feroglobin for extra Iron. 
3. Take 30-minutes exercise 5 out of 7 days & Watch TV on one leg. E.g Walk/Run/ Zumba, Table Tennis/Dancing, Yoga etc. Try also to stand up at every chance you get outside of needing to sit at your computer. 
4. Wash your hands frequently to avoid germs & floss your teeth – yes it’s tedious but it will help avoid infections that will slow you down. 
5. Lets get physical! Body scan for ailments – what needs sorting? Rest? pain care? Physio? Doctor’s appointment? Take a reflexology or acupuncture appointment to restore energy & balance. Take early nights & restful weekends until you feel better. Pause on social events and or ask for support to rest if you have children to care for. 
Connect - Break the cycle, pick up the phone or send a message on Whatsapp and plan to meet up with a fun friend for a cuppa and a chat. 
7. Try something new –We need novelty and a challenge to feel alive, engaged, curious and energised. Be it the Adventure challenge books, a new recipe, or class. 
8. Depression can make us feel exhausted, low and joyless. It doesn’t have to be this way. I hugely encourage you to talk to a professional counsellor who can help you recover so you can enjoy your life. 
Deep down we know what we should be doing or most of it anyway. No judgment here. I recommend instead of shaming yourself you just pick yourself brush yourself off and carry on with the plan – it works for everyone. . 
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