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The success of most businesses comes down to the people who work in it. When they’re performing at their best, the business will perform at its best. 
But, when your team's energy is being drained by factors outside of the workplace (such as health concerns, political concerns and family matters), it’s unsurprising that this could have a massive impact on your business. Deadlines can slip, productivity can drop and the overall quality of your product or service can be impacted. 
So how can corporate counselling help with this? 
Despite what you might think, corporate counselling doesn't involve awkward group therapy sessions where we’ll go round the room sharing our private problems and concerns with everyone in the business. It’s also not a 1-hour “solve all” consultation where one of our counsellors comes in and makes loads of changes that completely change the dynamic of your office. 
Corporate counselling is great for tackling issues that often go unnoticed in times of massive change. For example, the shifts in working practices we've just seen with Covid or redundancies or when a business is going through a big transformational change. 
We support employees, business owners and senior leadership personnel through these times to maintain employee wellbeing at work and sustain or increase performance. This will also save you the time and cost of setting up an inhouse Employee Assistance Programme to support those: 
Who are at risk of redundancy 
Managers who are breaking difficult news 
Employee representatives 
Who are left to deal with the impact of a big change like the stress from seeing colleagues and friends being made redundant and uncertainty about what their new role or work might be like 
Team members who are anxious about returning to the office 
But what does this actually mean for the business? 
Having the right support available at the right time for the people who need it most can significantly reduce the number of cases of absenteeism as well as presenteeism in your team, reducing sick pay and recruitment costs. It’s also a fantastic tool to help you as a manager or business owner realise staff potential, improving their productivity and building much stronger relationships through the creation of stronger and supportive communication channels. 
If you’re wondering how corporate counselling with True Freedom could help you and your team, be sure to download my free buyers guide today. 
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