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A scarcity mindset is the thing that keeps many of us from achieving our goals. 
It’s that little voice in the back of our heads that stops us going for that promotion, upping our prices, asking for that pay rise and all those other things we manage to talk ourselves out of. It holds us back by telling us things like… 
“There’s already so many businesses out there that do what you want to do so there’s no point in setting up my own business.” 
“It’s been a touch few years for the business so there’s no way they can afford to give me a pay rise.” 
“I don’t have exactly the qualifications they’re asking for, so what’s the point in applying for that promotion?” 
If someone else came to us with these beliefs telling us they felt stuck, we’d find a million and one ways to disprove their belief and encourage them to overcome it. But, when it comes to our own limiting beliefs, they can often be much harder to poke holes in. 
So, how can you transform this scarcity mindset into one that helps you to feel more comfortable going for and achieving your goals? 

Moving from limiting beliefs to a mindset of abundance… 

A scarcity mindset can be a cruel taskmaster because it limits us in what we do. If left to its own devices this mindset can trap us in jobs we don’t enjoy, leave us regretting missed opportunities and destroy any personal boundaries we’ve put in place. 
When your brain is being ruled by scarcity, it’s constantly on the lookout for dangers and threats to protect us from being hurt or disappointed. 
When your brain is on the lookout for opportunities though, knowing that there is an abundance of these, you’ll often find yourself achieving your goals much more quickly and effectively. 
Some easy steps to start doing this includes… 

Surround yourself with family, friends and colleagues who share this positivity. 

Positivity is infectious. If you arrive in a workspace where everyone is battling the Monday morning blues, chances are you’ll feel de-energized and won’t actively seek out these opportunities to progress. When you arrive in a room full of people encouraging you to achieve your goals and supporting you in your mission, you’ll find the journey much more easy and natural. 

Train your RAS to focus on what you’re grateful for. 

We have millions of pieces of information coming towards us all of the time. And our brains cannot possibly process all of that information, nobody's brain could, it would just explode! So what the reticular activating system (or RAS) does, is it filters as much information that we can process and manage and filters this information based on what you focus on. 
When we start focusing on more of the positives in our lives like ‘clients love my services/products/work’, then your RAS can easily become your best friend and help you achieve your goals. 
The clearer you are on your goals and the more you focus on them, the more the RAS will notice opportunities to help you achieve them. When you align your thoughts with what you want and the life you desire, the RAS goes to work, delivering information on everything that will help you achieve your goals. You will also start to see more evidence to support your positive aspirations and goals. 
These are two very simple steps you can start doing to help you find your true freedom from that scarcity mindset. For help getting started, get in touch with a member of the team today.  
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