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"Families and How to Survive Them" by John Cleese British comedian & Robin Skynner, a family therapist? It’s and Oldie but a Goldie! 
It has a unique blend of humour and very helpful psychological insights that may shed light on what may really be going on at the root of family conflicts and dysfunction. Cleese's wit and comedic timing make it an enjoyable read despite the serious subject matter. You find yourself as if earwigging on their conversation with the sort of questions you might want to ask a therapist with nice clear-to-the-point answers. It’s an easy read yet eye-opening. 
From communication breakdowns, power struggles, and sibling rivalries to the impact of childhood experiences on how we interact in our adult relationships. 
Please note: This book was written in 1993 so some aspects may feel outdated but don’t let that put you off. Its deeper insights are still very much valid despite society norms having changed and modernised. 
So what books to you recommend? DM with your recommendations. 
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