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Valentine's day can be a tough one at times, not least when you’re spending it in the office. Whether you’re the one receiving a huge bouquet of roses at your desk or you have come into the office to distract yourself from the whole valentines thing, there’s always a huge mist of expectation, judgement, anxiety, and sometimes resentment surrounding the day. 
I remember myself, years ago, I used to work on reception in a big company. 
All day, it was my job to sign for and deliver all these bouquets of flowers and chocolates and balloons that were showing up at the office on a near hourly basis. 
Now, I was single and I didnt think that there was any chance of anything happening for me that Valentine’s day. But it didn't stop a weird ‘kick-in-the-gut’ feeling rising in me every time someone else's name was written on the card reminding me how single I was. 
This, of course, wasn’t really how I wanted to spend my day and it was overall a bit rubbish. But what was worse, was the pressure I felt not to push my bad mood and judgement onto those who were celebrating. It left me in a whole knot of conflicted emotions. 
As I wandered round the office that day with all my deliveries, I could see that it wasn’t just me feeling this way either. There were colleagues who’d maybe been with their partners longer who didn't celebrate as extravagantly any more or people whose partners just weren’t that way inclined. There were other people who were and also people who, quite frankly, couldn't care less about valentines day. 
Valentine's day can be quite triggering for a lot of people, so how can you keep the office atmosphere light hearted and sweet this year? 
Small acts of kindness can go a long way. 
Words of praise or a smile across the office can sometimes be really appreciated on days like this. A coffee or a walk with a friend or colleague on your lunch can be a great way to take action and do something uplifting with another person……… or have a private rant about someone who maybe went a bit over the top with the Valentines celebrations. 
Celebrate all love! 
Love is such a broad subject, but people always seem to forget this around valentines day. It’s not just about having a partner to go home to each night, it's about loving yourself and having great friends, family and colleagues around you to enjoy your life with. So do something that celebrates your working relationships - cake rarely misses the mark! 
Keep an eye out for team members who might be struggling. 
The truth is that, no matter what you do, some people in the office will be counting down the minutes until February 15th. Don't let it ruin your day, but make sure to check in with them so they don't feel isolated in the office. There’s nothing worse than struggling alone. It can hasten false fears. 
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