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Yes, you can get rid of normal depression for good this August! Yes, I am serious! You can and will be able to feel happy and able to enjoy your life! 
Clients often are very surprised when I say that but it’s true. Even if they have been suffering with clinical depression for years they will completely recover and they do! 
The reason I am very confident about this is because I see it with my clients all the time. Clinical Depression does not need to be a life sentence, don’t accept it! 
There are many causes for depression but most of them are ultimately about being unhappy, having unresolved suppressed or repressed feelings, hormonal imbalances, medical conditions like hypothyroidism, or in exceptional cases where a person has experienced a physical wound to the head. Some of us may be more susceptible to depression or low mood for genetic reasons also. 
The key first of all is to find out the reason by having a talk with your Doctor. Hormonal imbalances can be treated by your Doctor. So, if that might be you – I recommend you book to see them today! If you know you have had an injury to your head or on asking family members to learn that might be the case your Doctor will be the best person to speak to about your symptoms – don’t hold back take the plunge today and remember your Doctor is not going to force you to do anything. If you are experiencing dark thoughts however definitely tell your Doctor who will be able to give you an antidepressant for a bit to raise you off the bottom and help you to stay safe and recover. 
For all other clinical depression or low mood issues then you cannot beat working with a professional experienced Counsellor or therapist who will help you GET RID OF IT and no I did not say ‘MANAGE IT!.’ ‘Manage it to me sounds like NOT GETTING RID OF IT and that is what you want. Quality Counsellors know the mechanics of what needs to be done to get rid of it. 
So if you want to do what feels impossible and kick your clinical depression to the curb once and for all then just let me know and we can get going with it!! 
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