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When you’re on the brink of burning out, your body will be sending you lots of signals telling you it’s time to slow down. It's often tempting to push these to the back of your head and hope that they will pass, but there are several warning signs you want to stay mindful of. 
If your body is… 
Feeling tired or drained no matter how much sleep you're getting 
Struggling to switch off so you can get a good night's sleep 
Experiencing frequent headaches that you’re struggling to shift 
Getting ill more often 
Or your mind is making you feel… 
Helpless, trapped or defeated 
Detached or alone 
Pessimistic and struggling to see the positives in any given situation 
Self doubt 
Distracted and struggling to focus on anything 
These warning signs work like the parking sensors on your car. They are there to help you avoid permanent damage to your body and confidence, so don’t ignore them. 
If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms and they’ve been hanging around for a week or two now, get in touch with the team today. 
It might just be the right time to take a pause and review the cause but also give yourself a break. 
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