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Loyalty is something I value highly but without limits on it – I can see how it can be detrimental. So, when exactly are we being overly loyal? 
1. Are you Ignoring the Red Flags? We can overlook warning signs in relationships, be it personal or professional. We may stay in toxic friendships or remain devoted to service providers or employers who undervalue us. If this is leading you to self-neglect is crucial you tackle it now. 
2. Are you sacrificing your individuality and autonomy with someone e.g., staying up later than you should or not prioritising your needs to accommodate someone else? Our loyalty can come from genuine reasons but could just as easily flow from a fear of change or a Limited belief that you are responsible for others. 
3. Are you enabling destructive behaviour in others? Maybe you make excuses for their shortcomings or turn a blind eye to bad behaviour. This however only perpetuates the problem. 
4. Have you missed opportunities by being loyal? -this squashes you and all you can be. Change can lead to new and enriching experiences that you are currently sacrificing. 
Being aware of the red flags, prioritising your personal growth, and maintaining independence is crucial and you don’t need to feel guilty at all. This way our loyalties remain genuine, empowering, and have integrity. 
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