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Presenteeism is one of those pesky problems which lurks in the shadowy corner of the office. It’s often overlooked because, on the surface, someone can just seem to be really committed to a job or focused on a project. But how can you tell the difference between commitment to a job and presenteeism? 
Here’s 4 tell-tale signs to keep a close eye out for… 
They’ve started to make lots of silly mistakes in their work. These aren't necessarily big mistakes, but little errors that have suddenly started popping up in their work and are a bit out of character. 
They’re producing lots more work than they may have done before but you can see that it's of a much lower quality than it used to be. 
You’ve noticed someone repeatedly skipping lunch breaks or staying on later than most people in the team. 
They’re showing up to work whilst sick. 
Now, some of these can be put down to simple human error. How many times have you missed a typo in a document or stayed on an hour or two more than you should to tie up a few loose ends? Doing these things occasionally isn’t too much of a concern (although I obviously wouldn’t encourage it). 
So, how can you tell the difference between someone who just needs to get this task signed off and someone who’s struggling with presenteeism? 
Well, it's important to look at their motivations. What’s driving them to do all of this extra work? Is it a one off or a common thing? 
If you think someone in your team might be struggling with presenteeism, download my free buyers guide today to find out how corporate counselling could help. 
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