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True Freedom
Total Trauma Recovery

What am I like to work with? 

Clients describe me as: capable, intelligent, approachable, professional, honest, a good listener and someone who will gently challenge procrastination and be very supportive in helping empowering you overcome any fears because ultimately, I am focussed on helping you get what you came for. 
I have a broad outlook on life and have worked in other different industries in the past including IT, Financial Services, Engineering, Aviation & Energy Sectors as well as the Arts, MOD & Public Sector. I have worked for 9 years as qualified Counsellor. 
How will I deliver these results for you? 
Talking & Building up a detailed history of your life 
Drawing tools and writing tools 
Visualisation to identify & release emotions frozen in your subconcious mind. 
Your Timeline/Family Rule Book 
Identifying out of date Survival Techniques 
Techniques & tools to manage and ultimately eradicate anxiety issues 
Analysis of your behaviours & reactions to triggers 
Physical techniques and tools 
Anchoring new beliefs and overcoming negative habits (NLP) and other exercises. 
And many more…. 
Happiness Fulfillment Services
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