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Finding Peace in Uncertain Times 

Uncertain times like these often bring forth a whirlwind of uncomfortable emotions. In the last couple of years, we've become well-accustomed to feeling confused and a little out of control, among other things. It's important to validate yourself for feeling all of this, it's a very natural response. 
But with this, we can also be mindful of when our thoughts and feelings begin to spiral. We can intercept this process by taking 5 minutes, acknowledging the emotions arising and then also maybe noticing the discomfort that comes with those emotions. Below, as always I've detailed some useful resources to move through difficult emotions. If you're feeling especially overwhelmed, please do get in touch. 

The Secret to a Whole Life 

The Secret of a Whole Life - Resilience & More Fulfillment! 
Here is how you can help yourself today to overcome any fear of loss in the future, build up your resilience and speed up your recovery should you experience any unforeseen difficult or painful circumstances. 
Affirmation: I welcome changes into my life - I am balanced in my energy and self-care. 


With all this newfound spare time it's easy to slip into habits that don't serve us. If you can, try something new such as DOYOU yoga. DOYOU yoga has many challenges to choose from lasting around 20 minutes each, to suit different levels of expertise. 

Journaling ...Why you should, and How to start 

The beauty of this practice is that it's entirely open to interpretation, which means it's a perfect creative outlet. Having some sort of creative outlet is fantastic for better managing emotions and becoming more present. 
It's natural to feel a little rusty, to begin with, so we've provided a link below for the best tips on how to start. 

Remote Reiki 

Caroline carries out remote reiki sessions direct to you via Zoom or on your Whatsapp whilst you rest in the comfort of your own room. 
For more information see her details below. 

Give a Gift of True Freedom to Someone You Care About 

Do you know someone who you think might benefit from counselling? 
We all need a helping hand at times, and it's not an easy subject to approach. But sometimes loving someone comes with uncomfortable conversations such as these. 
If you have someone in mind and you're feeling brave enough, check out the referral scheme below for more information. 
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