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We’ve known for a long time that this day was coming… 
The day when masks are no longer compulsory in public spaces and isolating if you test positive for Covid is down to personal judgement. But, after a year of being told that these masks and isolation periods are essential in keeping us safe, it’s not surprising that we are not feeling safe. 
The facts and figures prove the decline in serious cases, the vaccination rates are high but there's still that anxious voice in the back of our brains asking “what if?” 
“What if the person next to me has Covid and gives it to me?” 
“What if I don’t know I have it and accidentally pass it on?” 
“What if I catch it now and I can't afford to take the time off work?” 
This little voice is hard to ignore. And that’s because we shouldn’t be ignoring it. 
These fears, worries, negative reactions and whatever else you associate with these feelings of anxiety were, at one point in your life, created to keep you alive. They may no longer be serving that purpose, but it’s so important that you pause and analyse: 
Why have they been triggered now? 
Is this anxiety still fulfilling a purpose or is it ok to acknowledge this feeling and continue as you were. 
With many of the clients I work with I recommend writing all of these feelings down (if you’re in the car, the office or a public place, find a quiet place and start building a mental list). By giving these anxious feelings a name, it’ll be easier to track and identify if/when they ever occur again and what triggers them. 
Once you’ve identified what you’re feeling, ask yourself; is there any evidence to support these fears? If you think of any evidence of risk, note down all the ways that you could reduce the risk. 
For a lot of the people I talk to, for example, the thought of entering back into the busy office environment at the moment fills them with strong feelings of dread and fear because of the risk of catching or re-catching Covid. There’s lots of evidence to legitimise this fear however there are ways of reducing the risk such as wearing a mask and keeping the windows open. 
The key thing to remember is that it’s ok to not be ready to remove all of these protective measures just yet that have kept us safe for the last 2 years. 
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