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The business can still run without you! 
But what if that’s what I’m afraid of? 
In a world where everyone lives online and on their phones, switching off from work is no longer a case of just not coming into the office that day. Resisting the temptation to quickly check your emails and the team WhatsApp group “just in case” is getting less and less easy. 
What if something important has come up that needs your urgent attention? 
What if you miss out on the deal of the century? 
And that’s not to mention the self-doubt that has a habit of creeping in when you see how smoothly things run without you… 
What if the person covering me is doing a better job than I ever could? 
What if they realise they don't need me anymore? 
… or things aren’t running smoothly at all… 
What if you’re not good at your job and they think you can’t build a competent team? 
If you’ve ever felt like this before, you’ve probably been experiencing FOMO. The dreaded fear of missing out. That feeling that gets you immediately checking your phone when you see a new notification pop up on your screen. 

What actually is FOMO? 

FOMO is no longer just a term found on Twitter. Since being added to the dictionary in 2016, FOMO is widely regarded as; 
“a feeling of anxiety or insecurity over the possibility of missing out on something, as an event or an opportunity” (Ref.
It can express itself in many different ways, but there are lots of common signs in our behaviour which can suggest we’re struggling with FOMO, particularly in the workplace. 

6 signs you might be struggling with workplace FOMO 

Saying yes to every opportunity that comes your way, even if your work schedule is already overloaded. 
Not being able to put your smartphone down and having a habit of checking it outside of working hours “just in case”. 
Struggling to commit to plans just in case a better offer comes along. 
Checking your social media while you’re working or out and about just to see what everyone else is doing. 
Wondering what’s happening at work whilst you’re home, and wondering what's happening at home whilst you're working so you’re barely present at either. 
Frequently comparing your career progression with that of friends and colleagues. 
Often these feelings don’t last very long. But sometimes, they can feel like they’re taking over your life. They can linger and inconspicuously snowball into anxiety and stress which chip away at your self esteem. 

So, is there a way to stop FOMO from holding you back? 

1. Avoid turning to social media for help. 
When you’re feeling anxious about missing out on work or social plans that don't involve you, it can be tempting to quickly “check in'' on social media to see how things are going. But if you can avoid this - do. Or limit your time spent online. Use this weekend or holiday as an opportunity to step back and reality check your behaviours. 
2. Keep focussing on what you have rather than what you don’t. 
Everyone’s paths in life are different. So, remind yourself to enjoy the journey as you go along. Be present and focus on what you have and are proud of here and now so you don’t miss out on these experiences and opportunities. 
3. Keep a gratitude journal. 
Focusing on what went well and what you’re grateful for today will not only help you to be more present in the moment, but will also help reframe your mindset to zone in on the positive things that happen each day rather than to dwell on the negatives. 
If you’ve been struggling with any of the symptoms of FOMO, overworking, perfectionism, and are feeling like you’re just not present at the moment, book a free consultation today to find out how we can help. We’d love to hear from you. 
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