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The truth is I love my job because, over the last 12 years, I have been fortunate enough to watch my clients transform their lives and how they feel about themselves over and over again. When they arrive, I smile to myself inside because I know how their lives are going to change for the better in a way, they will not even be able to imagine yet. 
I have seen emotionally healthy couples reunite, ex-commitment phobes marry and have children, and overworked perfectionist business owners flourish as they learn to love themselves, delegate, bring balance, ditch a scarcity mindset, attract abundance, envision, and grow exponentially. Clients who were clinically depressed for years or suicidal fully rid themselves of depression for good within months. Clients with agoraphobia step outside their homes and take up volunteering jobs. Military personnel rid themselves of PTSD after years of flashbacks and broken sleep. Young people overcome social anxiety and learned to find their swagger & conversation skills & entrepreneurs overcome their lack of worth or fear of rejection to publish books, run courses and even give talks! And so on and so on…. 
In sessions clients cry, vent, and laugh with me, they share they feel heard and no longer alone and together we work as a great team until they get the results they want and feel empowered to go it alone. Men particularly like that I am impartial, teach them how to express their feelings, fix their own issues, and understand why they feel the way they do – they also like that there is no judgment, emotional kickback, or shaming if they express their vulnerabilities. That it’s ok to BE Human, make mistakes, and feel conflicted inside as well. Women share they feel I really care about them and will gently flag self-neglect or over-caregiving but that I will be candid and not patronise. I LOVE seeing clients grow and find & free their true selves –I am passionate about it in fact and that is why I named my company TRUE FREEDOM. It’s a privilege, I am so lucky to have such a fulfilling job where I am so trusted. 
At the end I thank my client for having allowed me to go on their once-in-a-lifetime journey with them, it’s an honour & a responsibility I don’t take lightly but then I remember my job is now done and so I smile one more time as I close their file…… and then open a new one. 
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